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Can Random Acts of Kindness Be a Profitable Marketing Strategy?

The really cool thing about technology is that it awakens sleeping opportunities that just weren’t feasible to do manually. A great example of this is outlined in the latest Trendwatching Brief.  They call it the Random Acts of Kindness Trend.   The briefing brings up  a couple of interesting morsels for your thinkng: Brands that are literally giving away products and services for seemingly NO REASON — why would they do that?  How can any company make money doing that? Technology voyeurism – – Brands using consumers’ status updates to identify who they are going to be randomly kind to.  WHAT ABOUT

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Opportunities to Push the Envelope of Market Research

In a couple of weeks, Vivek Bhaskaran will be speaking at the IIR Technology Driven Market Research event in Chicago.   The Technology Driven Market Research Conference is all about the breakthrough technologies that will be used in market research.   If you’re interested in learning more about this conference, take a look at their site and register. In the meantime, get a preview of what you’re likely to hear from Vivek and other thought leaders in the market research technology realm.  In this interview with Leaonard Murphy from the Green Book Marketing Research Blog, Vivek blows the roof off

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Trendy vs Mainstream: How to Know the Difference

The Trendwatching site has pulled together a series of “people on the street” videos.  They asked people all over the world a series of questions.  What makes these videos so interesting is not just the presentation of the information – but the hi-resolution value of having the ability to watch the respondents’ body language as they respond to the questions. Have You Heard This video asks the respondents if they know what “web logging” is, then blogging. then Twittering, etc.  Take a look at the span of years involved in the answers. What did you know about blogging in 2004?

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