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Follow These 5 Tips to Turn Your Blog Into a Customer Magnet

It’s one thing to keep saying that you should have a blog, but having a blog that actually attracts customers and builds loyalty means that you have to provide great content. Here are some tips for providing great blog content: Make a list of the 5 -7 top reader frustrations. In the same way that our eye is drawn to the crooked picture in an otherwise perfect room, we tend to focus on frustrations and peeves that drive us crazy.  Whenever someone mirrors those frustrations, we feel a sense of camaraderie.  Use these frustrations and your solutions as the anchor

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Successful Survey Tips: Setting Your Survey Up For Success

I’ve been thinking about the “zen” of doing a successful survey.  As with many things, it’s taking the time to perfect specific techniques that ultimately leads to not only high response rates, but high quality feedback that actually means something. I’ve pulled together a series of successful survey tips that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few days.  Take those in and why not add your own successful survey tips.  When the series closes, I’ll include your tips and put out a best practices list! As I was thinking about this series, it dawned on me that none of

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7 Ways to Be Great At Social Media

If you’ve ever wondered how you’re going to build your brand using social media, then pay attention to our our guest columnist today.  Staci J. Shelton is a social media expert and blogger who specializes in building and maximizing online relationships. There is a great benefit to being active as a business in Social Media.  As a business, there are amazing opportunities to create a Global Network and control more of your marketing activity, and for a great deal less than traditional marketing and PR. Social Media is a great place to engage, promote your brand and even build relationships.

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