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Start Your Research Project With a Sense of Discovery and You’ll Come Out With More Knowledge

One of the most common things I’d hear upon completion of a market research project was “I already knew that?!” There is this idea that at the conclusion of some market research endeavor the heavens would open up and we would somehow know something amazingly new and different that had never occurred to us before.  Yet, when you think about it — that is the last thing that should happen. After all, you know your business, and you are doing the research to make better decisions.  You aren’t doing it to KNOW something — you’re doing it to learn something.

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Is Product Proliferation Killing Your Profitability?

Product proliferation is often a function of improving customer service and experience.  A customer says they love product A and would buy millions of them — if only you could change the color from black to green. From that point on, it’s a slippery slope to where if one customer can make a special request, then another makes a special request.  The next thing you know, you’re managing an ever increasing number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and the amount of paperwork and quality system management has gone up exponentially. What you may NOT notice is that product proliferation creates

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How to Use Research to Develop an Offer Your Ideal Customers Can’t Resist

One of the terrific benefits of DIY market research is that you can reach out to more of your audience more often and get to know them better.  As you profile your audience and learn more about them, you can use their feedback to develop new product and service offers that will blow the competition away — simply because they didn’t take the time to get to know their customer. Use your subscription list to begin the profile Many companies have “subscription” lists that they’ve collected from their blogs.  People subscribe to newsletters or download a free e-Book or white

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5 Short and Sweet Reasons to Target a Specific Audience

Today’s guest post comes from Michael DiFrisco (a.k.a. The Affordable Branding Guy”  He’s decided not to overwhelm us with too much information and instead, just layout the benefits of focusing on and targeting a specific audience. Choosing a specific audience for your business is a powerful form of focus. Targeting means you reject the idea of believing the best way to build your business is by hitting every living person in your area. It allows you to focus on the specific customer or client types that are most desirable. Here are some of the other benefits of targeting a specific

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Are Market Research Tools an Alternative for Social Media Haters?

Social Media has been around for well over five years, yet many CEOs just don’t see the point.  Most of them leave the social media activities to the marketing folks in their organization. In a post on DIYMarketers, we explore the idea the some of today’s newest, coolest market research methods can actually be a great alternative for CEOs who hate all the hassle of social media, but want all the results. Here is a summary of the alternatives: If you hate the idea of losing control of your message, then create your own customer community.  You can create a

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Learn to Design Killer Surveys From our friends at Research Rockstar

Want to take a crash course on survey design? Our friends at Research Rockstar are hosting an in-person survey design class on June 9th in Waltham Massachusetts. This is a fast, practical class that answers key questions about planning and writing online surveys. The fee is $89 per person, but we have a discount code for our readers: enter code 10FFL to get $10 off. Register here:

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