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Online Surveys and Social Media

Doing branding or blind surveys used to be a real hassle because you’d have to recruit an expensive panel.  But that’s not the case anymore.  You can actually run a terrific blind survey by using the QuestionPro social media sharing feature. This feature has been around quite a while, but it doesn’t get much use — mostly because we’ve been trained to think of blind branding surveys as beyond our budget or our reach.  But if you or your company have invested time and effort into developing an active social media community inside your industry or area of expertise, then

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How to Become an Authority in Your Industry

It’s more important than ever to become an authority in your industry.  You may think that the market is overcrowded, but don’t be fooled.  Most people assume that you have to be an author, self-employed or a CEO to be seen as an authority. Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, with the job market being what it is — your chances of landing that dream position may hinge on how you are perceived in the industry.  Any company would be happy to build its own credibility by having the industry authority as part if their team. In

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Four Ways That Using a Customer Research Panel Makes You Money

It was only going to be a matter of time before someone figured out that random people milling around social media channels was going to be difficult to mobilize once the technology hit the mainstream. We’ve already seen how this works on MySpace; as soon as Facebook got into the picture and allowed for tighter, more personal relationships to develop, the random associations via MySpace fizzled. Twitter had been moving into the same direction when they introduced “lists” and gave you the ability to start segmenting the people you followed into groups. And now, with the swooning over Google+ and

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How to Use Market Research Techniques to Drive Sales

Traditional market research functions used to live on the more analytical side of most big companies.  The product and marketing managers come to them as technical advisors to ask questions.  They would create and structure scientifically valid focus groups and surveys and weeks or months into the project and much analysis, a marketing campaign would come together and sales would start coming in.  This process didn’t happen EVERY time — but it did happen quite a bit.  Even in the industrial bare bones marketing companies I worked with. But with the onset of social media and DIYMarketing tools, the time

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How to Use Market Research for SEO Strategy

I ran across this question today — “Is market research important to SEO strategy?” I’m familiar with the idea of doing RESEARCH – keyword research, industry research, even customer research, in order to come up with SEO insights.  But I really didn’t feel like I understood the role of market research within SEO strategy. As it turns out a series of experts had this one covered. Here are some of their responses: Stan Sweeney: Qualitative researchers gathers the emotional behavior of a brand. Qualitative is more leading than large research samples. But, it takes a brand pro to listen

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Your New Resource for Innovations

If you don’t subscribe or read “Trendwatching” yet.  I would highly encourage you to do so.  Every quarter they send a report that meticulously pulls observations from their panel of “trendwatchers” from all over the world.  The result is a wonderful, colorful and inspiring list of what people are thinking and doing that is cutting edge. Use Trendwatching as Your Source for Product Improvement and Innovation I’ve just learned about their sister site — Springwise.  Springwise uses their 8,000 spotters around the world to observe and send them the most innovative business ideas.  This is a fantastic resource for potential

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