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Mobile: Where to next?


Evolution is something that never stops, be it in animals, mammals or technology. Over the last 50 years we have gone from processors being massive that could fill a room to fitting in a tiny little devices. The power in computing has gone from Hertz, to Mega Hertz (1,000 hertz) to Giga hertz (1,000 mega) in the same amount of time. The evolution has been maddening.

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Why budget mobile devices are finally good and getting better


Not everyone can go out and spend $800 on the new iPhone or the next big thing from Samsung. For some that $800 is probably more than their salary for a month. Enter the low end/budget devices… and today, some of them are pretty good.

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Why the mobile world needs competition


To say the mobile world is large is an understatement. Available devices are in the thousands, and users in the billions — but when you take a practical look at it then it’s really a market of two. The two being Android and iOS. These two rule the roost with 96% of the market and the rest of divided between Windows, Blackberry and others. I do not believe this is a good thing.

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Tips for a happy mobile OS upgrade


Being a mobile guy here at QuestionPro I’m usually in tune with what is happening in the mobile world, from app controversies to the next big thing; there’s always a good read somewhere. Over the last month I have been catching up on new contenders in the mobile field like Ubuntu and Sailfish but the big news as always is the approaching updates to the two giants, namely Android and iOS.

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Offline Data Management


Understanding the problems of an end user is something we go through every day, one place this is more prevalent than others is in field surveys. The problems most commonly seen are: Being dependent on internet connections. Paper surveys result in manual data entry to view statistics. People don’t like being interrupted. In field surveys some might not be able to answer the survey all at once. Viewing collected data is not all that easy. Mistakes are made and corrections need to be.

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SurveySwipe Launches Mobile Research Communities Pilot Program

Survey Analytics Offers Companies Three Months of Free Beta Testing Seattle, July 19 2011 – SurveySwipe, a subsidiary of Survey Analytics is introducing a free three-month demo of the Mobile Research Communities pilot program to companies who sign-up for beta testing on the SurveySwipe website. SurveySwipe Mobile Research Communities allows companies to reach out to specific audiences with questions relevant to their brand and to receive feedback from that audience in real-time – via smart phones. SurveySwipe serves as both a social and a business application. Users who download the app can earn points for answering questions related to their

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