Going Mobile – when to deploy mobile surveys

Recently I heard the average smartphone user is never more than three feet away from his or her phone. There is no judgment on this, but it does play into our need as consumer and…

2 months

Four Questions to Your Four, Five, Ten Clickbait Demands

Search “work”, “employment”, “job hunt”, and you’ll be immediately besieged by articles. Fine. This is normal and expected. Wanted, even. But look deeper and you’ll notice how many of those articles are “lists”. Specifically, ten…

3 months

Keep them hooked!

Hurray! Someone is taking your survey! Beyond keeping the survey focused on an single objective, what can you do to keep the respondent engaged?

3 months

Insight: Feature requests

Like most companies we get a lot of feature requests. More often than not these come in from our Idea/Feedback portal. In this post, we pull back the product curtain to give you insight on…

3 months