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Powerful Lifestyle for Powerful People


We’ve all seen powerful people in action and wondered how they managed to reach the summit of their game.  Were they simply born lucky with the ability to point and direct the silver spoon from the nursery or did they

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Super Bowl Viewers 3X More Likely to Engage via 2nd Screen [Infographic]

2014 Super Bowl Survey

When we began laying the groundwork for our new monthly research efforts where we survey and release findings on timely, [hopefully] relevant topics each month, our home-town team has had such an amazing season we just couldn’t resist looking to

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How to Use Brand Advocates to Increase Your Leads and Sales

The days of spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising are a thing of the past. In today’s world of social media, your customers can become your best brand advocates and marketing tools. Act-On, a provider of marketing automation

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Top QuestionPro Market Research Topics of 2013

It’s been an incredible year!  QuestionPro has seen a lot of growth and change and improvements to help make gathering customer feedback a lot easier. I thought it might be fun to give you a round-up of a few of

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The 3 Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys Create Happy Employees

No one wants to work for “that company” – you know, a place similar to “Initech” in the movie Office Space? With the global economy still on the road to recovery, employee strikes are not an uncommon occurrence. Some could

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Are You Making This Massive Survey Mistake?

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Surveys seem to always show up as some kind of afterthought — something like this: “We’re thinking about launching a new product — let’s do a survey!”  I know, that’s a bit of an over-simplification, but that’s sort of how

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