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A primer on customer feedback survey projects


Customer feedback – we all know it’s important, but we also all want to avoid making our customers feel like they’ve been pressured into replying, let alone feeling like they are being over-surveyed. Let’s look at the general steps to a successful customer feedback survey project.

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Scheduled Maintenance Complete

Our scheduled maintenance is complete; QuestionPro is back up. Thank you for your patience!

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Employee advocacy; delighting customers; write a SQL query; which online forms are best; and farewell to two MR greats. That’s this week’s #FridayFive!

This week, we explore a wide range of topics: how employee advocacy can help your company achieve its objectives; how to delight customers who might otherwise be walking away upset; how to write a SQL query; which online forms garner the best customer conversions; and two MR industry greats. Welcome to the #FridayFive! Making the Case for Employee Advocacy — Dynamic Signal Blog Employee advocacy: letting your employees become natural advocates for your company. Check out this blog post listing five use case scenarios where employee advocacy can contribute to the company’s own goals. How to Turn a Customer Disaster

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Ikea’s success; Radio Shack’s demise; digital is super important; digital is not super important; tech-savvy panelists. That’s this week’s #FridayFive!

From Ikea’s success to Radioshack’s demise, this week, there were some fascinating gems regarding marketing and market research. Check out this week’s #FridayFive round-up!

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Socia media marketing; inferring quality of service; a research study example; survivor bias in analytics; UX tests for beer tasting apps. It’s the #FridayFive!

A guide to social media marketing, social media ratings for hospitals, an example of using multiple qualitative research methods including a survey for a full research study, survivor bias, and beer tasting apps – that’s this week’s #FridayFive!

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Tips, tips, and more tips, and some fun info about global brands. It’s time for the #FridayFive!

This week, we have some tips for you — from how to design a usability test, to considerations for segmentation, to your LinkedIn profile, to measuring social media engagement. Add to that a fun bit about top global brands, and that’s your #FridayFive!

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