Review time for your ongoing questionnaires

As we approach the start of a new year it is a perfect time to review ongoing surveys that you plan to use in the coming year. If you are planning to develop a survey…

2 days

Net Promoter Score needs help from its friends

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) continues to receive a large volume of press coverage in the business and financial media. Originally, it was touted as the one number businesses needed to grow. However, time has…

1 week

Avoid falling off the top

Recently when giving my desk a much needed cleaning I came across an article by Jerry Thomas with the firm Decision Analyst. His whitepaper focused on the use of the top box as a measure…

1 month

How Secure is Your Customer Base?

With all the talk of data security as of late, it is important that we address another aspect of security – namely customer security. Loyalty is a concept marketers have spent considerable time and resources…

1 month

Tools to track the customer journey

The customer journey is seldom a linear process. How marketers, and the organizations they work for, decipher the roadmap the customer is using on his or her journey requires tools, time and commitment. This was…

2 months

Finding the right balance

Likert and other scales designed to measure attitudes, such as satisfaction, are ubiquitous in marketing research. They have their uses that is for sure, but there are a few caveats one should be aware of….

2 months