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Are You Over-Surveying Your Customers?

So, on a scale of 1-10, how would you (1)

How many customer satisfaction surveys have you experienced this week?  In my case, there isn’t a single transaction that I do that doesn’t ask me to rate my experience.  It’s getting annoying.  As it turns out, I’m not alone.  People are sick and tired of being constantly surveyed and they are fighting back.

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How Ticked Off Did This Customer Have to Be to Have Her Feedback Carved in Stone?


Every morning I grab my cup of coffee and fill my head with internet pablum — you know, troll my feeds, see what’s happening on Facebook — the usual.  Well, this morning, I ran into this story” “Ancient Customer Feedback Technology Lasts Millenia” I just about splurted (is that a word?) my coffee and laughed out loud when I saw this ancient tablet from Mesopotamia with — you guessed it — a customer complaint CARVED IN STONE!

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Tips For Finding and Getting New Customers

Get New

In business, your customers are everything. And while it’s great to already have a solid set of returning clients that you know that you can rely on, every business owner knows that they need to get more clients if they truly want to maximize their efforts. The problem is, for those that have a limited marketing budget, it may be difficult to get the type of new clients that you are after. Luckily, those that are willing to get a bit creative with their marketing can still see great returns in the way of new customers coming their way. Here’s

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Where Should I Put that “Overall” Question? or Question Order Bias

We’ve talked in the past about what questions you might want to consider including in your surveys. We’ve told you about things to avoid when putting together customer feedback surveys. And we’ve discussed some bias that can be involved when employees administer a customer satisfaction survey incorrectly. With this post, we’re going to dive into one of many oft-discussed market research questions: Where should the “overall” question go in a survey? Should it be first or last? This question applies to a wide variety of survey subjects: customer satisfaction, employee engagement, product evaluation, event evaluation, website design evaluation…just about any

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Google+ Hangout on Air is TOMORROW 12/18/13 11am PST!


Customer Feedback: Your Fast Path to Profits! Final preparations are under way as get ready to launch our new monthly webinar series on Google+. Watching a Google+ Hangout on Air Online Event If you’d like to be in the audience for a Google+ Hangout on Air, here are the steps: Visit the event page and RSVP (ours is At the appointed time (an event can easily be added to your calendar), return to the event page Press the ‘Play’ button on the video toward the top of the page when you see it. Ours has the trailer video there

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Are You Using Brand Advocates to Market Your Business?

Brand start up: Businessman building brand-word.

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is not using their own customers to help market their company. If you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. So many business-to-business (B2B) buyers are relying less on marketing and expensive advertising strategies, and turning more to their peers. In fact, a 2012 Google study found that 60 percent of B2B tech buyers seek peer reviews before they make a purchase decision. Software AdviceTM is a company that helps buyers choose the right software. As they suggest, it’s important for your business to have a group of

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