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5 Market Research Tips for Small Business Owners

You already know that market research is important to the development of your business regardless of the size. Yet, it can also be overwhelming to figure out what you need to know, and how to conduct your research. So we’ve put together these five tips to help simplify market research and get you started on the journey to soaring sales.

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5 Factors You Should Consider When Doing Market Research

We’re sure that you know that no matter how big or small your company is, marketing is important for any sort of business success. That being said, approaching marketing the wrong way can be even worse for your business than not marketing at all, because a bad marketing campaign will attract the wrong people or nobody at all (or worse, make people dislike your company).

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How to Develop a Market Research Plan for a PR Campaign

Public relations (PR) campaigns are crucial to implement whether you’re a politician, a non-profit organization trying to get the word out about your favorite cause, or a business person trying to get a positive message out about your products or services. They all have one thing in common, you must spark interest and hope it catches fire enough for your PR campaign to spread on its own. To get people to promote your business, you need to create a public relations campaign that excites them enough to share your message. Not everyone out there will be interested, so you have

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Why Do Market Research?

market research strategy chart

Market research. You’ve likely heard that you should do market research, but have you ever explored why?

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How to Use Facebook Insights to Target Your Ideal Customer

What are you doing to build customer loyalty? With all the shiny bells-and-whistles strategies out there, it’s easy to forget about the one that is the obvious choice for low-cost, high-profit results — LOYALTY. The key to a strategy that builds loyalty is talking to your ideal customer.  Before you run a bunch of trial and error surveys — consider using Facebook Insights.  

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Introducing: Tango Card rewards!

TC Card Big-revise

Rewards: they can increase your response rates and increase a feeling of good will between you and your respondents. If you’ve used QuestionPro’s integrated rewards system before, you know it makes rewarding respondents easy. We’re happy to announce a new member of the gift card family: Tango Cards!

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