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Marketers Will Use BIG Data from Social Media to Plan Campaigns

  The Big Data Trend continues as more and more marketers treat their customers’ social media data as real market research and use it in the planning of future marketing campaigns. 4 in 5 marketers surveyed at the DMA2012 Annual

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5 Easy Ways to Bring Ethnography into Your Market Research

“I’m using ethnography in my research.”  If I said anything resembling this sentence to a small business client or in my small business marketing circles, people would think I was some kind of market research guru or something.  Overall, most

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Trick Question: What’s the most common use for a mobile phone?

The current prediction is that there will be over 50 billion smart phones in use by 2020! That said, would you be surprised to know that calling someone on the phone is NOT the most common use for a mobile

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Market Research Trend 2013: Mobile Data Collection

Mobile technology has opened up a huge opportunity for companies to collect information and data.  You might think that mobile data collection is only related to “active” data collection – meaning that mobile users either answer surveys or they “like”

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Team Turkey Wins!

team turkey

With the holiday shopping season in full swing — BEFORE Thanksgiving, we were just wondering how you felt about that.  So we asked our readers and community to chime in on what side they’re on — Team Turkey includes those

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Your customers are giving you feedback constantly — but you’re not listening.  ”WHAT?! We’re doing surveys and comment cards and talking to them and looking at Yelp and tracking social media — what do you mean I’m not listening?!” Well

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