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How to Engage Your Customers in New Product and Service Development

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What if I told you that you could start selling a product or service BEFORE it’s developed?  That sounds absolutely crazy and it turns the tables on a traditional product development cycle.  But this is a viable cost-saving, profit building strategy that a lot of entrepreneurs are using.  It also goes by the name of “minimum viable product” in some industries.

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Putting Customer Feedback to Work

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We’ve talked a lot about getting customer feedback and why it’s important. We have a variety of tools available to help you get started: survey templates for various industries, a few blog posts about the topic, and our software to put it all together. Once you get a feedback program going, though, what next?

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20 Not-so-Obvious Questions to Ask Your Customer on Your Survey

Sometimes the toughest part of getting customer feedback is knowing what information to collect and what questions to ask.  It’s so tough, in fact, that there are some users who turn into a pillar of salt when confronted with the dreaded — “Create a Survey” button and have to choose “New Survey” to create a survey from scratch.

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Going Beyond the Email Campaign

You’ve created your survey – now it’s time to get people to take it! While distributing via an email campaign is the traditional way to get your survey visible, it’s is far from the only way to increase your survey’s visibility. You can easily combine some survey distribution best practices with QuestionPro’s capabilities to get your survey in front of as many users as possible. Once your survey is created, go to “Send Survey.” You should see a screen like the one shown below. Included are a whopping 15 options for sharing your survey right from QuestionPro! Let’s walk through

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Join Us Tomorrow for: Launch a Complete Small Business Feedback Program

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Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been preparing you for what’s coming — tomorrow!  We’ve been introducing a ton of customer feedback tips and topics all to get you psyched for our MOST AMAZING Google Hangout on Air — Launch a Complete Small Business Feedback Program. Airing Wednesday 8am Pacific / 11am Easter,  Click here to register; 

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Get Ready to Launch Your Customer Feedback Program – In Real Time

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It’s one thing to say that you’re going to start collecting feedback from customers, but like any project, saying it and actually sitting down to do it are two different things.  It’s kind of like when you’re trying to do some kind of project at home – it seems easy, but then you realize you don’t have all the tools and when you think you have all the tools, something breaks and you need one more thing.  Launching a customer feedback program is a lot like that.

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