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Is it Ethical to Give Incentives for Surveys?

Internet Lottery

You’ve probably seen a lot of these ads for “Earning money taking surveys” and that’s got you wondering if giving incentives is ethical.  In a previous article, we asked the question if you should give incentives for survey and the research came back saying that incentives absolutely work.  But some of our readers also wonder if giving incentives is ethical, so I thought we should address this issue here.

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4 Questions You Must Answer Before Choosing a Market Research Method


Market Research is a systematic, orderly and analytic method to know and understand the wants, expectations and performances of prospective customer or buyer. There are many methods that you can use to perform market research.  The trick is to find the best one — or the right combination that will help you make good decisions. The most popular are surveys, questionnaires, telephone interviews, focus groups and online polling.  

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Not Your Boss’ Focus Group: Focus Group Alternatives for Tight Marketing Budgets


I wonder if you think that focus groups are passé.  With the onset of social media, it might be tempting to put focus groups on the back burner of your market research plan.  After all, they are expensive and time consuming.  But that doesn’t mean that they are unnecessary.

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Does This Mean You Love Mom Best?

mother's day

I’ll bet you didn’t know that QuestionPro does it’s own research — of course we do, what kind of a survey software would we be?  But seriously, from time to time the pull a sample and run a quick survey just to take the pulse of the population.

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Friday Five: Stories from Around the Web

Hope everyone has had another fantastic week! We found some great articles this week relating to marketing, small business and entrepreneurship.   Corporate Branding: What it is, and How to do it Right – Search Engine Journal SEJ presents an article that handles the differences between your ‘brand’ and ‘logo’, developing your brand to be even stronger, and covering the overall process of developing a strong corporate brand.

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How to Get a Flood of New Customers in 30 Days

Getting new clients today

Before you read any further, let me just tell you that after you read this, you could literally get a customer in the next five minutes.  But I’m not going to promise that because each business is unique, and most people will just read this, agree or disagree and go on to the next fire they need to put out.  I just wanted you to know that this is how powerful the concepts I’m going to share with you are.

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