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How Vince Lombardi Would Explain Market Research


This isn’t an article about football — it’s an article about fundamentals.  We’re all marketers here and sometimes we get so wrapped up in the details and learning new things, that we forget about the fundamentals.  And when it comes

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How to Create an Ideal Customer Persona

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Last week, I showed you how to segment and group your customers so that you can identify an ideal customer.  This week, I want to show you how to begin profiling your ideal customer.

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The Biggest Reason Your Business is Failing

Every eight minutes a small business dies.  Back in 2010 this added up to nearly 700,000 businesses, and it will mean one more by the time you’re done reading this article.

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7 Easy Tools to Help Small Business Owners Succeed

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The difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one often comes down to the resources you have at your disposal. So what are the tools that entrepreneurs use to succeed?

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What’s Your Brand’s IQ (Irresistibility Quotient)

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When will be stop measuring IQ?  Probably never – but when it comes to brand irresistibility there has been some new research released today that de-mystifies (yes, scientifically) irresistibility.  TNS, a global insight consultancy group has a tool they call

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Are You Missing Out On This Ignored Lead Generation Strategy?


Trade shows and conferences can be expensive — especially if you’re an exhibitor.  These days most event managers offer exhibitors lead generation apps that help them collect and follow up with the people they meet at their event — but

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