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Top Ten Tips for Your Survey Invitation

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You’ve written your survey, and now it’s time to write the invitation to your potential respondents. But what should you say? No matter how spectacular your survey, a poorly worded invitation could keep people from even clicking the link to start taking your survey. Here are ten tips for writing your invitation.

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Online Marketing Tips For Bootstrappers in 2015

  Here is a beginners guide to online marketing for your service industry business that you can follow to online viability. 1. Define your market Why does every piece of marketing advice start with this?  Because no one really takes the time to do it. The first key to success for online marketing will actually take a lot of navel gazing. What is your business? Who is your customer? Where does your service reach? Where would you like your service to reach? You may think that something like this has nothing to do with your online marketing but it actually does very much.

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What’s PII and Why Should I Care About It?


Lest you think I’ve just misspelled “pie,” PII (pronounced “P-I-I”) is an initialism for Personally Identifiable Information, and is something you might want to gather in the course of running any number of surveys. Before you run out and start asking for it, though, let’s look at what it is and some best practices for obtaining it.

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7 Low Budget Marketing Tips for StartUps


Unless you’re lucky enough to score a large investment to fund your startup, it’s likely you don’t have a great deal of cash to spend on your marketing for your business. That’s really too bad. Why? Because if you’re spending all your time building your new business, how will it grow if nobody knows it exists? Whether you want to admit or not, you know you’re going to inevitably reach a point where you’ll be forced to focus on marketing.

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Top Ten Ways to Secure Your Survey


Online security is a hot button topic right now. You might be wondering how you can secure your surveys against unwanted respondents. Here’s a top ten list showing you many options, from question types to advanced security options, that you can use with your QuestionPro surveys!

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Top Ten Tips for Using the Real Time Summary

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Have you checked out the Real Time Summary lately? It’s a powerful tool for reporting. From layering filters to customizing the whole report, there is a lot to do with the Real Time Summary. Let’s take a look at the top ten tips for using the Real Time Summary!

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