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Join Us Tomorrow for: Launch a Complete Small Business Feedback Program

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Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been preparing you for what’s coming — tomorrow!  We’ve been introducing a ton of customer feedback tips and topics all to get you psyched for our MOST AMAZING Google Hangout on Air — Launch a Complete Small Business Feedback Program. Airing Wednesday 8am Pacific / 11am Easter,  Click here to register; 

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The Easiest Way to Grow Sales and Double Customer Loyalty – Send a Survey and Do NOTHING

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Of course, I’m over-simplifying, but not really.  According to a Harvard Business Review Study called US Banking Customer Satisfaction Study written by Dr. Paul M. Dholakia and Vicki G. Morwitz, simply going through the process of running a customer satisfaction study will double customer loyalty.

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Your Survey Has a Brain; How to Use Logic to Find High Value Customers

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If you’re still thinking that all you can use surveys for is collecting feedback — then you are missing out on a HUGE sales opportunity.  

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How to Lead Better With Data


Napoleon once said: “One bad general does better than two good ones.” It takes a moment for the sense of this to register, but it is the same as our modern saying that “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Having one set of instructions, even if they are flawed, is preferable to having two sets of perfect directions that, when enacted together without reference to each other, cause havoc.  

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Decisions Shouldn’t Have to Be This Hard

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Have you seen the new video the QuestionPro team put up?

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Marketers Correlate Facebook Likes to Social Media Effectiveness

A recent Ipsos study with marketers sites that nearly 90% of marketers cite Facebook likes as the best measure of social media content effectiveness.

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