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Online Market Research Tips for Beginners


For those of us that can still remember market research in the “good old days”, the ability to gather insane amounts of intelligence from your kitchen, desk or poolside never gets old.  But the biggest problem with having so much information at your finger tips has to be overwhelm.  I mean, where do you begin?  And how do you choose the most important bits of data or information that will help you not only cut costs on market research, but get decision-making insights as well.

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5 Ways Market Research Helps Your Business Be More Successful

market research

As a small business owner, you’ve probably read about market research. You know that understanding your industry’s social, cultural and economic frameworks is essential to your success. And you’re aware that you need to know about your customers, the area in which you’re selling and what your competitors are doing.

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Social desirability bias; web response rates; customer experience; good reads from CEOs; and car driver worries by country. It’s the #FridayFive!


We start this week looking at survey modes and the social desirability bias. Then we move to notes taken during a session on response rate sfor web surveys from the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s recent conference. We follow that with an infographic on why the customer experience matters and a list of books that CEOs have recently read, then finish with a reminder that responses to surveys will vary by country. That’s this week’s #FridayFive.

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Data analysis, simple and complex: a primer

problem, analysis, and solution

Market research and data analysis go hand-in-hand. After all, what good is collecting data without knowing how to use the data you’ve collected? However, knowing just what kinds of data analysis you should be conducting to achieve the decisions you need to make can be tricky. Let’s look at some data analysis tools and how they can be used to help you make better business decisions.

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Logically speaking…


Each week, we hold a free training session about how to use various elements of QuestionPro. This week, we’re talking about adding logic to surveys to make for a “smart” survey. Sometimes, I feel like options for adding logic to your surveys can seem super complicated and overwhelming. Let’s clear up that myth.

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Even or odd? It depends.

Graham Horn [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In response to the posts about Likert scales published within the past few weeks (an intro to Likert scales and scale order), a reader posed a question regarding the number of response options made available when using scales. I originally thought the answer would depend on whether or not you wanted to force a non-neutral response. However, the research I did about the topic revealed it can be more complicated than that.

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