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How to Increase Your Online Survey Response Rates

Online surveys have a lot of different purposes and can be a great way to receive feedback or helpful data. If you’re looking for demographic information or seeking reviews for your products or services, online surveys can be a great way to accomplish just this and more. In order to make them worth your while, however, you need to make sure that your target audience is responding to your survey. The following are several helpful tips that will make people more likely to both take your survey as well as enjoy it in the process:

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How Surveying Customers Can Actually Increase Sales

Maintaining and building a customer base is the key to good business. While acquiring new customers is more difficult than maintaining existing ones, it is still crucial to keep existing customers while enticing new ones. Surveys are a great way to do both. Research has found that simply asking the customer how a business was performing is a great way to keep current customers satisfied and earn new customers as well. Surveys can help a business keep abreast of what customers need both now and in the future.

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Putting Customer Feedback to Work

problem, analysis, and solution

We’ve talked a lot about getting customer feedback and why it’s important. We have a variety of tools available to help you get started: survey templates for various industries, a few blog posts about the topic, and our software to put it all together. Once you get a feedback program going, though, what next?

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Going Beyond the Email Campaign

You’ve created your survey – now it’s time to get people to take it! While distributing via an email campaign is the traditional way to get your survey visible, it’s is far from the only way to increase your survey’s visibility. You can easily combine some survey distribution best practices with QuestionPro’s capabilities to get your survey in front of as many users as possible. Once your survey is created, go to “Send Survey.” You should see a screen like the one shown below. Included are a whopping 15 options for sharing your survey right from QuestionPro! Let’s walk through

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A SWOT Analysis Template For The Overwhelmed Marketer


With the summer winding down and fall just around the corner, you’re probably starting to start looking back on the year that’s passed and looking forward into 2015.  It’s market and business planning time!  In today’s article, I wanted to share a powerful way to do the tried and true SWOT analysis.

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Use Customer Feedback to Launch Your Advocacy Program

Customer advocacy is a hot new trend. Well, not really.  Advocacy, loyalty, referrals, engagement — a dollar by any other name, spends the same.  But I digress.  Advocacy; the idea of having not just engaged customers, or loyal customers, but having customers who love you enough to rave about you to their friends, family and colleagues.  It’s truly the holy grail of marketing.

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