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Listen up!


Last week, an article about loyalty programs caught my attention. Loyalty program signups have gone up, but loyalty program participation has gone down. Not only that, those involved in loyalty programs don’t seem to feel like any program is really hitting the mark they expect it to hit. What’s the takeaway for us?

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Wednesday Webinar Wrecap: Website Feedback Surveys

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On March 31, we held a Special Free Training session to demonstrate two types of website feedback surveys: website feedback tabs and exit surveys. We reviewed best practices and got to walk through creating both types of surveys in QuestionPro. Let’s review! (Bonus: we provide links to the feature guides and the recording!)

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Are you stressing out your survey takers? Find out with the Survey Respondent Score [slide presentation]


On 3/17, we held a live webinar on our new integration with TryMyUI, and debuted a new scoring model representing the amount of stress put on a respondent during the survey taking process

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Testing, testing…1…2…3…

It’s a mantra we hear often, but we seem to forget as often as we hear it: test your surveys before you go live with them. A little time testing up front can save you a lot of money redoing survey projects in the end, or worse, getting and acting on the wrong information to guide your business decisions.

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Best Practice: How to write great survey questions


Writing a survey can seem like a walk in the park. After all, how hard could it be to write a decent question and set of responses to that question? Honestly, it’s harder than it might seem. Here are some tips for how to write a great question.

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Does this feedback tab make my page look fat?


Have you noticed anything new on our blog posts recently? Look over to the right. See that blue “Feedback” tab? Go ahead and click on it… Slick, isn’t it? Want one for your own website?

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