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Tips to Increase survey Responses : Embed Survey in an email


We recently rolled out a feature which enables QuestionPro users to embed a survey question in an email. Why build this ? Until Emails die , people will still check their emails for the foreseeable future.  Improving a survey’s response rate should have two main focuses; increasing email clicks and reducing survey dropouts.  To increase email clicks, the perceived barrier to filling out a survey should be minimal.  One way to do this is to include the single most important question in the email itself. Opening up an email and taking an action on the email content are two different things

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Keep your eye on the target…


If you’ve ever had the chance to talk to me about survey design, or if you’ve read any my posts about the topic, one of the primary items I refer to is this: start with the one question you want to have answered by your study. Why is this so important?

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Tips for a happy mobile OS upgrade


Being a mobile guy here at QuestionPro I’m usually in tune with what is happening in the mobile world, from app controversies to the next big thing; there’s always a good read somewhere. Over the last month I have been catching up on new contenders in the mobile field like Ubuntu and Sailfish but the big news as always is the approaching updates to the two giants, namely Android and iOS.

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Survey length matters – especially on mobile


Among one of the more ubiquitous survey tips you’ll see is this: don’t make a long survey. The question is, though, what exactly does that mean?

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More survey design tips to increase response rates


Last week, QuestionPro hosted a webinar about increasing response rates. During the webinar, some tips were given about survey design that can contribute to your audience being more likely to take the survey. Let’s review those and look at a few more tips on survey design to get more responses from your audience.

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How to increase Survey Response Rates – Webinar Q&A

We devoted a large piece of the webinar to answering your questions… you’ll find that Q&A session in the second part of the video. In addition, below you’ll find a bit more detail on some questions that were posed, as well as answers to questions that we didn’t have time to answer on the webinar. Have your own question? Send it to Q1: What’s the best way to close the loop with my participants? A1: “Closing the loop” – sharing topline results and insights from your survey with participants – is a great way to increase customer value by

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