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Some Commonly Uncommon Ways to Research the Competition


So, how well do you know your competitors? Let’s face it, they’re out there and they’d love to see your customers jump ship and join them.

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A picture is worth a thousand words…

Used with permission from Adam Frost (twitter: @adamfrostuk)

Each chart represents one simple piece of data. Any guesses what that data might be?

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Creating the right story

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Crafting a story from your data can be daunting. Crafting a story that your audience will find compelling is even more daunting. And trying to find a way to do that with market research information, in a way that both answers your stakeholders’ needs while also sharing the information they need to hear…well, that can just take the cake in dauntingness! Here are some ideas we can learn from storytellers about how to create a story that will resonate with your audience.

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7 Easy Ways to Build a Hyper-Engaged Online Community

I’ve just returned from an influencer conference hosted by CEB (The Corporate Executive Board) the world’s largest member based advisory company and an organization devoted to gathering and analyzing insights about small business owners.

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Reporting vs Storytelling

Courtesy Pixabay

In November 2014, Greenbook released a blog post related to an addendum study conducted among market research professionals about their latest market research study. This was done as an addition to the fall GRIT study, a regular study conducted by Greenbook to review the state of the market research industry, including responses from market research providers and clients. One of the items discovered by this addendum study showed that we are poor storytellers. What exactly does that mean?

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How To Do Research For A Startup Idea

Did you know that more than 700,000 small businesses “fail” every year?  That might scare you, but it shouldn’t.  There are really two reasons why so many startup businesses fail:

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