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Decisions Shouldn’t Have to Be This Hard

bad decision

Have you seen the new video the QuestionPro team put up?

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Marketers Correlate Facebook Likes to Social Media Effectiveness

A recent Ipsos study with marketers sites that nearly 90% of marketers cite Facebook likes as the best measure of social media content effectiveness.

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B2B Buyers are People Too – But They’re Not Like Consumers


I’ve spent the last 25 years preaching that people make decisions, not committees and not some industrial complex.  But get this — there’s been some research that’s come out that shows that B2B decision makers aren’t exactly like the “rest

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Customer Feedback Saves Meetings


It was going to be “one of those meetings” and I knew it.   The executive team gathered around the conference table and we were about to discuss a new product that was in R&D and getting ready to launch.

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Don’t Forget About CAN-SPAM Compliance

can spam

Gmail just made another adjustment to its Google Apps email client.  They magically started tagging emails and sending them past my inbox and straight into categories and tabs.  I’m not sure if I love it or hate it – the

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How Fulfillment of Incentives and Rewards Works in QuestionPro

Hands Holding Thanks in Many Colors

If you’ve been looking for a way to engage with your survey respondents and increase your response rates, then you’ll definitely want to lean into this article about how to set up incentives and rewards for your surveys.

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