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Are You Over-Surveying Your Customers?

So, on a scale of 1-10, how would you (1)

How many customer satisfaction surveys have you experienced this week?  In my case, there isn’t a single transaction that I do that doesn’t ask me to rate my experience.  It’s getting annoying.  As it turns out, I’m not alone.  People are sick and tired of being constantly surveyed and they are fighting back.

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How Ticked Off Did This Customer Have to Be to Have Her Feedback Carved in Stone?


Every morning I grab my cup of coffee and fill my head with internet pablum — you know, troll my feeds, see what’s happening on Facebook — the usual.  Well, this morning, I ran into this story” “Ancient Customer Feedback Technology Lasts Millenia” I just about splurted (is that a word?) my coffee and laughed out loud when I saw this ancient tablet from Mesopotamia with — you guessed it — a customer complaint CARVED IN STONE!

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How to Do Market Research for a Business Plan

In the Market Analysis section of your business plan, you will have to answer many market research questions. What demographic is your product or service most likely to appeal to? What is the forecast for the industry you are in? How have other products or services similar to your own done over time? What are your competitors doing right or wrong and how can you capitalize on any market openings?

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How to Grab More Customer Feedback and Engagement From Web Site Visitors

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There are only three things that you want when it comes to your website; traffic, engagement and conversions.  For the sake of this article, I’m going to focus on the last two; engagement and conversions because getting lots of traffic without engagement and conversions is meaningless.

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5 Market Research Tips for Small Business Owners

You already know that market research is important to the development of your business regardless of the size. Yet, it can also be overwhelming to figure out what you need to know, and how to conduct your research. So we’ve put together these five tips to help simplify market research and get you started on the journey to soaring sales.

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5 Factors You Should Consider When Doing Market Research

We’re sure that you know that no matter how big or small your company is, marketing is important for any sort of business success. That being said, approaching marketing the wrong way can be even worse for your business than not marketing at all, because a bad marketing campaign will attract the wrong people or nobody at all (or worse, make people dislike your company).

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