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We love Audio/Visuals – More Videos to come on using QuestionPro features.

One of the most requested things on QuestionPro are video tutorials to help customers use the many features we have on QuestionPro. Here are a couple our latest videos — and stay tuned for more.  We will be featuring them here on the blog so that you’ll see the online survey features as well as the new videos on how to use them. Persian Language Support DropBox App Re-sizing Comment Box Knowledge Bank

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Democratizing the Research Process

“We appreciate and value your feedback.” How many times have we heard that particular assertion while waiting on hold for yet another customer service representative? How many times have we seen that written at the bottom of another receipt survey that we’re invited to take? Or how about the large-scale stickers on the back of commercial vehicles querying you right then and there: “How is my driving?” At every turn, (across industries and businesses large and small) organizations are telling us how important it is that they get good feedback from their consumers. But in spite of how many companies

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Feature Update : Email Address Import Tool – Supports XLSX Format

Quick Update : We now support the XLSX (Office 2012) format for the Email Address import tool – when you are batch updating and sending email. Screenshot Below: Learn more about the Email Import Tool:

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Want More Open-Ended Comments? Increase the Size of Your Text Box!

Well, if the PhD survey scientists have said it — then it must be true:  Size DOES Matter — at least when it comes to comment boxes.  In this article, we’re going to share some fun facts that will not only astound and amaze your colleagues at the next cookout or cocktail party, but they might actually improve the quality of your survey results. Here’s your first fun fact: Academics didn’t really start studying how visual layout of surveys effects responses until the early 1990’s!  In fact, it was Tom Smith from the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago who

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Ambient Insights – What Facebook Has Done to Communication and What We Can Learn From It

The Facebook IPO is fresh in everyone’s mind – what with the tech media frenzy surrounding it or the saga surrounding its pricing. And now, Facebook is the 4th company ever to have an IPO over $10 billion (higher than Disney, Amazon, and McDonalds)[1]. But what has Facebook taught us about communication, how have our social interactions evolved? Whether or not you hate Facebook, whether or not you’re jealous of or agree with its valuation, you cannot argue that it has introduced a new model of communication into the daily vernacular for a great deal of people (more than 1

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Are you in 7th Heaven? – Save reports to Dropbox and Google Docs in the Cloud

Sharing online survey reports and data when everyone is on the go can get rather difficult.  Although QuestionPro’s report sharing features and link sharing to online reports is old hat.  Most of us users wanted more.  We wanted the ability to not just look at the data, but to work with it, share it with virtual teams without getting lost in the proliferation of spreadsheets and multiple versions. Direct Uploading to Google Docs and DropBox Give a Whole New Meaning to Up in the Air Thankfully the team over at QuestionPro has heard the prayers and requests of their customers

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