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On-Site Customer Feedback | On-Site Surveys

The times of the old popup surveys are at an end, browsers now are intelligent enough to block HTML pop ups and other plugins, website now need to find new ways to engage and interact with their visitors. The solution should be seamless so that the Marketing and management team should not have to go back to their IT team and have them change code on their website for each little tweak or for trying different things on the feedback form. QuestionPro has innovated the perfect Intercept website feedback solutions for this, something that works out of the box with

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Research on research


If you’ve seen this term recently, you may be wondering what on earth it means and why you should care. The answer to both is pretty simple.

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Your Workforce: The Separate Reality of Your Sales Reps


    There are two kinds of sales representatives: those who actually believe in their product, and the rest of miserable humanity. The former is almost as rare as the unicorn. The latter believes the former is the unicorn. Be actually passionate about your work? What kind of hearsay is this? There are several reasons why your sales rep might not be eager beaver. He doesn’t actually know the product. He might be an asshole. Or your product might just really be that bad, in which case, you have a bigger problem than just personnel management. In the separate reality

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QuestionPro Maintenance – Friday, 31st July 2015

We’ll be doing some maintenance that will take our site down for a few hours. This update will take place at approximately 8:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, 31st July 2015. Typically this process will take around 3 hours. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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How to Do Market Research Before Starting a Business

So you have a great idea for a product or service. It’s so good, that you think you can start a new business and eventually thrive because of this idea. That’s great and all, but the last thing you should do is rush into this without doing a bit of market research. And by doing a “bit” of research, we actually mean doing “extensive” research. Not doing your market research is a sure way to doom your business before you even get it off the ground. You need to know the nature of the business as well as figure out who your

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How to decipher market research lingo


You’re reading a blog post from someone in the market research industry. Everything’s fine until you hit the market research lingo like, “Take the top two top-box minus the bottom box and you have your PSAT score.” What was that

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