Is MR innovation affecting MR best practices?


If you were to look at the market research industry as a whole, you’d see some interesting shifts occurring (note: requires providing info to download the Future of Research report), mostly in terms of technologies used for conducting market research. Respondent rates are decreasing, the use of panels to conduct surveys seems to be increasing, and new technologies are constantly being vetted for their use in market research. Innovation is becoming key in this industry, and small firms are where most feel the innovation is happening. But what about basic best practices? In all of this, are those best practices

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New Ways to Reach People Who’ve Visited Your Website


Every person who carries out research has made the same mistake of not targeting a specific set of people but instead targeting as many as possible. The problems with this are twofold: The data collected could be completely irrelevant. It will annoy those who are not interested. Both of these problems are especially prevalent when doing surveys on your own website. Some visitors may leave because they hate random pop ups while others don’t want to be hassled with questions about something that doesn’t interest them. To improve our users’ ability to gather feedback on their website we came up with targeting

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Why Should Companies Embrace Online Communities? (Part One)


Innovative companies are always inventing, and reinventing, creative ways to use technology to advance their business while engaging their customers and furthering relationships with them. With the advancement of social media and online engagement tools, communities are a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers that are focused on customer experience excellence. And smart businesses do understand the benefits of embracing their customers’ insights. As companies become more open to innovative ways of communicating and connecting with their customers, online communities are playing a crucial role in social business by providing the medium for such conversations. The emergence of these customer communities has increased

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Keep them hooked!


Hurray! Someone is taking your survey! Beyond keeping the survey focused on an single objective, what can you do to keep the respondent engaged?

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Motivation vs Movement: How to Really Get Your Employees To Work


“The opposite of job satisfaction is not job dissatisfaction but, rather, no job satisfaction; and similarly the opposite of job dissatisfaction is not job satisfaction, but no job dissatisfaction.” –  Frederick Herzberg or in other words: “Even with food, shelter, and company, people will always be unhappy with #firstworldproblems.” Coordinating a group of people is difficult. This is natural and will be natural until humans figure out a way to share a single brain. (Borg?) But often corporations and managers find that even when they get the infinite details figured of who does what in which manner, employees still won’t work.

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Insight: Feature requests


Like most companies we get a lot of feature requests. More often than not these come in from our Idea/Feedback portal. In this post, we pull back the product curtain to give you insight on the stages an idea goes through once it is picked up from the portal. The following is true for not just parts of a product but apply to the whole development process.

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