Garbage in, Garbage out: Stress Test Your Surveys

What is wrong with this thing?

Whilst every discussion amongst social and survey researchers is sure to reference representative sampling and random probability sampling theory, the cognitive stress of a survey on respondents is often overlooked. Stated plainly: data quality is directly proportional to comprehension and usability. This concludes the technical portion of this post.

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How to measure what customers value


A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog post with advice to make your customers love you, not just like you. In that post, Ivana mentioned making sure that your products are something that your customers value, and said, “Products and services have value when we feel like we paid less than the benefit we received.” We received a follow-up request to this post, asking for ideas on how to create a survey that could measure what customers value and if they view the service or product as a good value. Let’s see what we can do!

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Get Ready to…Learn!

I realize that “Get ready to learn” doesn’t sound quite as entertaining as “get ready to rumble,” but Feb 24, 2015, promises to be pretty exciting in the world of QuestionPro training! We kick off with personalization and customization in our Special Free Training, then we dive into reporting with our regularly scheduled free training. So, get ready to….learn!

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Tips, tips, and more tips, and some fun info about global brands. It’s time for the #FridayFive!

This week, we have some tips for you — from how to design a usability test, to considerations for segmentation, to your LinkedIn profile, to measuring social media engagement. Add to that a fun bit about top global brands, and that’s your #FridayFive!

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How to Create an Amazing Infographic From Your Survey Data

How many times have you run a survey and presented the PowerPoints and then just let the information “rot” on your drive?  Repurpose that information and give it new life by creating an infographic.  Infographics are a great way to teach information. They are fun and easy to read when done right. Next time you want to share some information don’t use boring text – use an infographic instead!

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Special Session Feb 24th: POWERFUL Ways to Deck Out your Survey


During this special free training session on Tuesday Feb 24th, we are combining all of the ways to personalize and customize your surveys. This session is going to be ACTION PACKED with powerful techniques to completely personalize the survey experience for you and your respondents. In this session we’ll show you how to use QuestionPro features to: Increase your brand recognition with customization Increase response rates with personalization

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