Higher tips; quick research; looking forward; Boomers; and the MTBCA measure. It’s time for the #FridayFive!


Technology changing our behaviors and life moving quickly both made a strong show this week in the marketing and market research news feeds, it seems. From how payment tech is increasing average tips to a call for moving from tactical research to research that really looks into the future, it’s a riveting #FridayFive!

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8 Questions To Start Your Competitive Information Journey

The idea behind competitive intelligence isn’t so much to beat the competition, as it is to become the obvious choice for your ideal customer. And if your ideal customer is choosing a competitor and paying more for their product or service than they are for yours, then you are going to want to do some competitive research.

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Become a conjoint pro with QuestionPro!


We’re working hard on next week’s webinar, A Beginner’s Guide to Conjoint Analysis. And we’re pretty excited about it, too! Here are a few things you’ll be able to learn from the webinar.

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We want to help you succeed


If you’ve been following us for awhile, you have noticed that we do our best to explain new features and give you best practice helps for marketing and market research. You may not know that we have other trainings available to help you be successful with QuestionPro.

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Isn’t it dynamic…

Show-hide Questions-b

When it comes to the internet, whether we know it or not, we have become accustomed to so much of our online experience being dynamic. From the ads on the sites we visit dynamically updating based on our search history to a visit seeming tailor-made based on interests you’ve previously selected, dynamically showing or hiding content is natural. And now, with the dynamic show/hide option, you can bring this kind of experience to your respondents.

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Social desirability bias; web response rates; customer experience; good reads from CEOs; and car driver worries by country. It’s the #FridayFive!


We start this week looking at survey modes and the social desirability bias. Then we move to notes taken during a session on response rate sfor web surveys from the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s recent conference. We follow that with an infographic on why the customer experience matters and a list of books that CEOs have recently read, then finish with a reminder that responses to surveys will vary by country. That’s this week’s #FridayFive.

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