Use Explainer Videos to Boost the Power of Your Data

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People are snoozing I just know you LOVE going to meetings where people show slide after slide of BORING data.  First it’s an upwardly sloping line graph and then, OOO, be still my heart it’s a table!  More often than not, these slides have such engaging titles as “2014 Sales Forecast” and put flies to sleep as they buzz around the screen.

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Coming soon to a store near you: a survey?


As we have all experienced, surveys have changed a lot over the years. What for decades existed primarily as agency-based paper surveys conducted by telephone, later migrated to the web; with app usage outpacing mobile web usage we now have tablet and smartphone apps for administering surveys, and more.

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October Updates to QuestionPro


October was an incredible month for QuestionPro. We have a number of exciting changes to announce, including new features and updates! As always, this is driven by your feedback.

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Ideas vs. Innovation: 10 tips for getting from Point A to B

IdeaScale COSTAR Webinar

Man v. Food – You’ve heard of the hit TV show that BBC produced. But I bet you did not know that the origins of the show were created using a process called CO-STAR.

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Bad review? Ask why right in the survey!

If you’re familiar with QuestionPro’s Push to Social question type, you know how amazing it is to get customer ratings for your organization while also encouraging them to share positive ratings on your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google+ pages. Now, if your respondent gives you a poor review, you can immediately ask why!

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#FridayFive: Stories from Around the Web


Friday is here again which means here’s another #FridayFive! This is where we provide you with five great web articles that relate to marketing, market research and small business.

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